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What is RTP in slot machines online for PIN Up Casino money

Each slot machine gives winnings in accordance with the ESC algorithm. However, the license of the department does not allow the providers to put the profitability of the slots at their discretion. Each of their product should observe the balance of risk and winnings.

RTP is the percentage of return to the player. It is more than 90%. But this does not mean that from a rate of $ 1 you will receive 90 cents at the same moment. RTP works at bets for a certain period – hundreds of thousands and even millions. And a large number of users of slot machines who play with money are taken into account. The high value of RTP is good, but you cannot expect replenishment of balance in a couple of rates.

Why know the dispersion

Professional gambler has another landmark – dispersion. With its help, the deviation from RTP is indicated. In some slots, you can see not only individual, but also general statistics at all rates. Based on such data, a dispersion is compiled. This number is unstable. All because users do not disclose the numbers of the manufacturer. Therefore, RTP can be low for several weeks in a row, or can just give players winning bets the same period. And this is in all slots in all the casino where the provider posted his slot machines online for money, including PIN UP Casino.

Therefore, experienced hemblers monitor the situation and are waiting for reports about such gifts of fate, but do not stop playing in normal mode. Dispersion values ​​are often hidden, and it is difficult to recognize them. But there is a real opportunity – slot machines for free. With their help, you can find out the slot and its capabilities closer.

RTP and dispersion are opposite numbers that give the concept of profitability of the slot with a long -term game. They do not take into account the jackpots from the PIN UP casino or provider – this is an additional chance to enrich yourself. In addition to them, there is another characteristic that gives an understanding of the generosity of the slot depending on the duration of the game sessions.

Volatility – conscious risk

Pin-up casino

How often the hembler will win on the value of volatility. It is indicated by the words:

– Low is the best option for beginners and gambler with short bankroll. Issue is often enough, allowing you to see a return even for 200-300 bets. Plus such a slot machine for real money – you can play for a very long time for a small amount and wait for your large coefficient.

– Average – in this option there will be less winnings, the distance is greater, so the score is needed more voluminous. But victories will be especially pleasant, with large amounts. In this version, the slot can issue a coefficient of 5000-10000 increased.

– High – these are gaming devices of a special category, in which only wealthy gumblers usually play. They can give an increase in the rate from 10 to 100 thousand at a time. One win here can be waiting for dozens or hundreds of spins, and not the fact that he will pay for previous zero rates. Huge payments of millions of dollars or euros give out just slots with high volatility.

How to play slot machines in casino PIN correctly

Choosing a slot, first of all, you need to look at your capabilities. The reserve of the deposit should be kept for playing several hundred bets. No need to shun small values. In all slots, there is the possibility of obtaining large winnings, but with low -cocholaterate costs of waiting costs will be less.

To increase the chances, it is better to play slot machines with average volatility and high RTP. This is a balanced method for obtaining good prize prizes in a short time. You should not lean on high volatility even the first few years of gambling – this is risky. But if you can afford a long game, you can try from the first day to spend the most profitable time in the online casino Pinap.

To choose your own option, it is advisable to make the first bets in free slot machines.

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